What are Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions?

For those who want longer, fuller, more luscious hair, extensions may seem like the best option. But they also tend to come with a lot of concerns; namely, whether they will be visible, or if they will be damaging to existing hair. Luckily, a new type of extension exists that can put these concerns at rest!

Enter the Natural Beaded Row hair extensions, a type of hand-tied weft technique that uses a track with beads and string to help the extensions sit evenly on the scalp. Through this, natural beaded row hair extensions can add length and volume to hair without being visible.

The technique also allows for maximum results with minimal damage because it does not use tape or any type of adhesive! Natural beaded row extensions are also intended to cause little to no discomfort, because of the even distribution of the extensions around the scalp as well as the lack of damaging products that are used in other extension processes. Because of this, unlike other kinds of extensions, natural beaded row hair extensions also have a quick, easy, and painless removal process.

Something else that sets natural beaded row hair extensions apart from traditional types of extensions is the fact that they are just about limitless in terms of hairstyle or the day-to-day activities that can be done while they are in. It’s still possible to wash, dry, and style these extensions like you would your natural hair; they are designed to make it easy to go about your life exactly the way you would before them.

Natural beaded row hair extensions are curated to your needs and your specific hair type. They are custom colored and cut to create a seamless blend and ensure that your hair looks natural and amazing. Every 6-8 weeks (depending on your hair type) they will need to undergo maintenance, which is simply to retain its natural-looking blend with your hair. These appointments can also retouch the length and color of your extensions to make sure that you stay looking your best.

Interested in natural beaded row hair extensions for yourself? I can help with that! Be sure to apply with Adorn today so I can help you reach your hair goals, and have you feeling (and looking) your absolute best!

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