5 Simple Reasons to say No To Box Dyes

I know, it’s harder now more than ever and your hair is growing out, getting grey and becoming more unmanageable. It’s seems too easy to just go to the store and buy a box of hair dye. The reality though is that it’s the worst thing you could do to your hair, especially right now!  I mean, you wouldn’t even be able to go to the salon to get it fixed in our current “social distancing” situation. So, I decided to talk about a few simple reasons why you should never color your hair at home with a box dye. I kept them short and sweet, so that they are easy to understand. Trust me when I say there is way more to to this topic. This is just the top layer of this conversation!
1. One size does NOT fit all
– What are you looking to achieve? A solid drab color? Minimal amount of grey coverage? Brassy uneven “blonde?” Because, that is all you will get out of a box. If you are looking for multi-dimensional color, maximum grey coverage, or a high lift blonde, you won’t get that from a box! A hair color formula meant for grey coverage is totally different than a formula made for a client who wants to achieve an icy shade of blonde. Both people should definitely not be using the same product. I don’t care what the picture on the box looks like! In fact, every client that sits in a colorist’s chair needs their own special formula according to their hair and the look they want to achieve. Customization is key!
2. Unpredictable results
– Let’s step back for just a moment and discuss what box dye is marketed to do. First of all, it is formulated to be user friendly, so that anyone can use it. Which means they are using the maximum amount of ammonia and pigments.  I won’t even get into the scientific explanation for this right now (I’m keeping it simple, remember.) Anyways, this screams damage to the hair and possibly even irritation to the scalp. Even when the box says,” ammonia free” you’re still not receiving the same fine tuned healthy results that salon quality color lines would offer. NOT EVEN CLOSE. That celebrity on the cover of that box… she’s paying thousands to keep her hair that vibrant and perfect. The company she endorses is paying her to appeal to you. Obviously, you cant achieve what she has from an at home box color application.
3. Hard or impossible to fix
– So now that we’ve mentioned the damaging effects of box dyes, let’s talk about how hard it is to remove unwanted pigments. Not only is it hard to remove them in general but, it is also hard on your already damaged hair! This means you will need to have multiple sessions FROM A PROFESSIONAL (please) along with many protein and conditioning treatments. A lot of the time your hair cuticle will be blown out and left frizzy! That is something you can’t fix completely without a major haircut. Even then there is usually a lot of work to be done.
4. Expensive to correct
– Now let’s talk about cost! You’re walking in to the salon with a head full of MESS. Right away color correction starts at, at least $300 at any salon. Why? Because even we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into. We have to spend hours to help you achieve the best result we can give you while maintaining the integrity of your hair. This involves a lot of strategizing, multiple application techniques, specialized color formulating, and additives such as olaplex, Brazilian bond builder, or others. Meanwhile, you are still not going from black to perfect blonde in one sitting. 
5. Professional application makes a difference
– Seriously! There is more to color application than shaking it up in a bottle, while in front of a poorly lit bathroom mirror. Even when using a brush, it’s impossible to apply color evenly if you can’t see the top or back of your head. When color overlaps old color, you create banding and demarcation lines. Your colorist has been trained and has experience knowing how to properly saturate, and section your hair for precise and seamless color application.

There you have it! Well, the most simplified version I can offer anyways. There is a multitude of reasons professional colorists exist. I myself have spent so much time and money on education to become certified to specialize in color. So I can assure you a box is not going come close to giving you the results your colorist can. There is so much value in seeing a colorist at the salon, specifically when wanting to achieve beautiful, healthy, and dimensional results! When you’re dealing with chemicals, buyer beware! Please be patient. When life returns to normal your hair can return to normal. Your stylist will thank you!

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