How long do natural beaded row extensions last?

If you feel like your hair could use a little something more, you’ve probably looked into getting extensions many times before. Hair extensions are an amazing way to experiment with different hair styles and change up your look without a permanent commitment that would come with other hairstyle changes. Extensions have come a long way in the recent past, and they are fuller and more natural-looking than ever. The type of extensions you use can make a lot of factors about them differ, and one of those characteristics that is important for many is just how long the extensions themselves will last.

One of the newest advances in extension technology is Natural Beaded Row Extensions, a type of extension invented to reduce damage and increase the length of time that you’ll be able to enjoy your new comfortable hair. Natural beaded row extensions are the most reliable and non-damaging type of extensions on the market, and they are sure to last you a while.

First, you may be wondering, what exactly are natural beaded row extensions? These extensions use a technique that involves a track with beads and string on the scalp. This track allows for even distribution of weight along the scalp, making for an even, blended look. 

Natural beaded row hair extensions are notable for just how flexible and feasible they are to use. They can be styled however you like, and you can do all the same things you’d be able to do without them, like swimming, exercising, and more! The important part, however, is how long these extensions can give you the seamless hair of your dreams.

If you get natural beaded row hair extensions, you’ll be set for up to a year! This timeframe is massive compared to other, more traditionally used kinds of extensions. Glue-in and tape extensions can only last for four to eight weeks before they need to be replaced entirely. This can be incredibly costly and damaging, as the adhesives can cause your natural hair a lot more harm than good.

Natural beaded row extensions do need to be moved up every six to eight weeks, depending on your hair texture, to keep up as your hair grows. However, this does not call for the complete removal of the extensions, and these appointments are a lot shorter than the initial install. This maintenance time is negligible when you consider just how much of a benefit it is to have your dream look without the pain, inconvenience, and lasting damage of many traditional extension methods. 

There you have it! Natural beaded row extensions are an incredible alternative to traditional hair extensions, and their long-lasting quality will have you looking your best for a long time. Are you interested in getting natural beaded row hair extensions? Make sure to fill out an application so I can help you create and customize your hair goals!

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