5 Hair Tips During Quarantine

Here we are confined to our homes, hoping to be safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Salons are closed indefinitely, and many of us didn’t get in before they closed. This is actually the perfect time to  let loose and relax your locks! I’ve made a small list of ways to “entertain your mane” while we all stay home. Hopefully this can get you by until we can all get back to the salon.

1. Embrace your roots.

I know it’s hard to look at those greys everyday! If you’re a high lift blonde, it’s even harder to face the mirror with dark grown out roots. Good news is no one is going to see you right now and honestly if they do, they are too focused on avoiding contact to notice your hair. Now is the perfect time to start growing your natural color out or just give your hair a rest from dyes and bleach.

2. Skip the heat


Seriously, there is no need to put your hair through unnecessary stress. If you have to FaceTime or Zoom for work, try a cute bun or even a braid. Now would even be the perfect time to retrain your natural curl. Try it out, post it on Instagram, & tag Adornbysadi!

3. Extended Wash training


Now, here is one I hear all the time,” I have to wash my hair everyday, it’s just so greasy!” Well my friends, now is the time to let it be greasy! When you wash your hair daily you are telling your scalp to produce more oil. By extending your shampoo an extra day each time you wash, your scalp will slowly produce less oil. This is great news for the health of your scalp, your hair, and your color.

4. Deep Conditioning


If you are one of my current clients I am ORDERING you to a weekly conditioning treatment! You have the time and it only takes 10-30 minutes once a week. Shampoo your hair, towel dry it, & apply the conditioner focusing on your mid lengths and ends. If you have points of breakage or damage, pay special attention to those. Some of my favorites masks include Olaplex, Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, or Aqua Deep Conditioning Mask. Let me know if you need suggestions!

5. Try a new style.


You now have a lot of time to master those curls, practice your braiding, or even perfect your “messy bun.” I know, I know, I said skip the heat… but this wouldn’t be daily. Take an evening or two, pull up a tutorial and practice! If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my tutorial for “flat iron curls.” If you haven’t seen it, go check it out!

In conclusion

Though this time may be difficult, let us take time to rest and appreciate the important things in life. Your hair can wait! Soon things will be back to normal and life will be busy again. Embrace your loved ones and pray for those affected. We are all in this together. “Alone together.” Next time I see you behind the chair, may the world be a humble and peaceful place because of this.

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